Equity release calculator

Check if you’re eligible and discover how much equity you could release with our free online calculator. It’s quick and easy to use and you’ll get an instant result.

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Equity release calculator

How much cash can I unlock?

With an equity release plan, the amount of money you can release from your home depends on:

  • Property value – The minimum property value to be eligible for equity release is £70,000. The higher your property value the more money you should be able to release.
  • Age of youngest applicant – To be eligible for equity release you need to be over 55. If you are applying as a couple you both need to be over 55 and the amount of equity you could release will be calculated based on the youngest applicant.

Some providers allow you to release even more money if you have a qualifying lifestyle or health condition. Many of these are quite common, including being a smoker, diabetes, having high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Your Equity Release Works adviser will ask the right questions to get you release the correct amount at the best rate.

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Using our lifetime mortgage equity release calculator

You can check your eligibility for equity release without entering any personal information using our calculator. On step 1 of 2 simply enter:

  1. Value of your home – this should be your best estimate of the open-market value of your property if it were sold today.
  2. Age of youngest homeowner – you will both need to be at least 55 to be eligible for equity release. To take out a joint application you need to both live and own the property. With a joint application, if one of you passes away or moves into long-term residential care, the other partner can remain in the property.
  3. Outstanding mortgage amount – enter the outstanding balance of any existing mortgage that you currently have on your property. This will need to paid off with the lifetime mortgage, as you cannot have two ‘first-charge’ mortgages on the same property.

Then click on ‘Check eligibility’ for an instant answer. This doesn’t necessary mean that you will definitely qualify for an equity release plan but does mean that you have passed the basic criteria.

To get a quote of how much equity you could release you need to complete step 2 of 2.

Equity release calculator results explained

Once you’ve entered your personal details and clicked the ‘Get calculation’ button, you will instantly get an online quote. Our online calculator is designed to provide you with an accurate as possible guide. However, as everyone’s circumstances vary, the calculation is based on maximum loan-to-values and not on your personal financial situation.

The only way find out if equity release is right for you and get a personalised quote (including rates and a recommended plan) is to speak to one of our specialist advisers. This won’t cost you a penny and you can speak to a qualified adviser straight away by calling 0800 368 8214.

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Frequently asked questions about our equity release calculator

Why do you need my personal details?

The results are instant, and we’ll only use your details to provide your personalised quote and offer you a free no-obligation fact find call so that you can find out if it’s right for you. If you don’t want to hear from us then we respect that – there’s never any obligation and we don’t use call centres. 

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Why can’t I get a rate online?

All lenders vary, so as an independent lifetime mortgage broker, we will always look for the best deal possible, which is most suited to your needs. This may be the lowest rate…or may be a higher rate with features that protect you and your estate now and in the future.

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Can I lose my home?

All of our plans that we recommend meet the Equity Release Council standards. This means you are protected by a number of safeguards, including the right to remain living in your home for as long as you choose. Your adviser will explain these and how equity release will reduce the value of your estate.

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